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Benefits of Invisalign – Newton, MA

Taking Smile Realignment to the Next Level

A group of friends enjoying a meal. At the Newton Smile Centre, Dr. Kashefi and Dr. Aissa want to give our patients multiple options to address concerns they may have with their smile and oral health. As a result, we’ve decided to offer Invisalign at our office for those looking for an alternative to metal braces. Whether you’re a working professional with an image to uphold or you simply don’t like having metal hardware fixed to your teeth for years at a time, we’re sure that you’ll love the clear plastic aligners designed with your future smile in mind. To learn more about the detailed benefits of clear aligner technology and treatment, call our office or keep reading!

Eat the Foods You Like

A group of professional businesswomen. Clear aligners are designed to be removed, not just so you can move on to the next pair in your series or practice oral care, but so you can eat the foods you want without worry! Since metal braces are fixed, you’re forced to change your diet in more ways than you may feel comfortable doing. With Invisalign, you’re never forced to make a sacrifice when it comes to your favorite foods!

Make Your Smile Clearly Visible

A man experiencing the benefits of Invisalign. Every pair of clear aligners is made with extremely transparent material, causing them to seemingly vanish once you wear them. With routine maintenance, you can ensure that your clear aligners stay that way for the remainder of your treatment, meaning you won’t have to make a dramatic change to your overall appearance just to ensure that your teeth get the treatment they need.

Improved Self-Esteem

A football laying on a field. If you’re an adult, you may find it peculiar to have a mouth full of metal. As a result, having braces yourself could cause your self-esteem and confidence to take a hit. By opting for Invisalign treatment over traditional braces, you’re able to spend time with friends, family, co-workers, and people you’re meeting for the first time knowing that you’re giving them your natural smile, rather than a closed-mouth one that you aren’t used to.

Play Sports and Music Without Worry

A person holding a clear aligner. It’s no secret that traditional braces can break or even damage your gum tissue if you play contact sports or play a musical instrument that requires the mouth. Instead of constantly having to worry about accommodating your hardware during recreational activities, such as playing football or the trumpet or trombone, all you need to do is remove your aligners while you play or perform.